Founded in 1954 by the late Harry B. Collins of Miami. Now 9
Chapters plus members at large and growing.

Purpose: To promote aviation and private flying.
Mission: Promoting safety and arranging Fly-Ins in Florida.
Goals: To keep private flying Healthy, Affordable and Protected.

We are growing every day. Plans are in the works for new chapters
as you read this. See the chapter pages for locations and upcoming
activities... or email us to inquire about starting a chapter in your

Most chapters have a fly-in, dinner meeting or both, once a month.

We mail a state newsletter "FLIGHT LINES" once a month, containing
stories from each chapter and a calendar of events for the month.

Dues are a low $35 per year for single or couple. Rewards are high.
Membership makes a great gift for you favorite aviation enthusiast.
Many chapters also have FAC merchandise for sale, such as Golf
Shirts, T-shirts, Hats, Jackets, and License Plates.

While many of our members are both pilots and aircraft owners,
there is no requirement to be a pilot nor own your own aircraft. The
main requirement is enthusiasm about aviation and a desire to be
involved with 'what is happening' in Florida.

WE DO NOT RENT AIRPLANES Some of our members fly rental
airplanes or belong to flying clubs that own aircraft and many own
their own aircraft.